Rammel Club #71 -- Weds 12th August 2015 -- Flamingo Creatures + Daniel Voigt + Yerba Mansa w/ Was Ist Das? Djs

Poster by Larry Crywater

Playfully improvised outer zones from Germany... like a sonification of the bit from Aguirre where Klaus Kinski is delirious and on a raft over-run by monkeys.

► FLAMINGO CREATURES (Free Improv, Electro-Acoustics - Berlin/Cologne)

Ruth-Maria Adam and Ronnie Oliveras have been around as part of the Datashock collective for quite a few years now, but their adventures as a duo are mostly undiscovered. Flamingo Creatures combining fearless experimentalism with a great sense of humour and an intoxicating playfulness in their approach to music making. With the help of electronics, bells, a violin and various percussion instruments the couple develops musical dialogues that speak to you in the most handsome way one can think of. Like Hans-Joachim Roedelius waltzing with Joan La Barbara while Smegma play (quietly) in the back.


► DANIEL VOIGT (Tape Experiments, Drone Soundscapes, Fieldrecordings - Frankfurt).

Augmented by effect pedals & mixer treatments Daniel Voigt blends a Musique Concrète approach (cutting up tapes and looping sounds with the help of several walkmen) with the cosmic aesthetics of Krautrock to make his music sound like the love child of Delia Derbyshire and Klaus Schulze. His music was released on various international tape labels, such as Digitalis, Hobo Cult, Skell LLC & Cosmic Winnetou.

Voigt is also the man behind the SicSic Tape label, a home port for a lot of outer limits travellers that are sharing the vision for deep zoned-out music & DIY culture.


► YERBA MANSA (Free Rock/Improv Drums/Gtr Duo - Manchester)

"Edwin Stevens (Irma Vep, Sex Hands, Klaus Kinski etc) and Andrew Cheetham (ABC trio, Birchall/Cheetham duo etc) are two of Manchester's most prolific purveyors of raging, outer-limits rock-ism. Both members of free-rock army Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura as well as countless other projects, they take a similar blueprint for their head-to-head skyscraping duo, only with a singularity of heavy chord chug that aligns them with Gown or even Michael Flower & Chris Corsano. Truly mind blowing." - Nick Mitchell, Golden Lab Records, 2015



Was Ist Das? will also be joining us to play some records and turn it into a real party!

::: WEDNESDAY 12th AUGUST 2015 :::: 
at The Chameleon Arts Cafe - Nottingham
(Old Market sq / alleyway in between Cardzone and Gamestation,
1st double door at the left and then straight up the stairs)

8.30pm -- £6 OTD (£4 unwaged)

Rammel Club #70 -- Tue 21st July 2015 -- C Joynes + Nick Jonah Davis + Surfacing

Poster by Greg Dyke


“His epigrammatic re-castings and re-readings of widely-travelled folk melodies and rhythms from a variety of traditions suggest shared memories that might be intensely universal while seeming strangely out of reach." KEVIN MACNEIL BROWN, DUSTED MAGAZINE

“As much Conlon Nancarrow and Ali Farka Toure as Blind Lemon Jefferson, the compositional mind at work here can take apparently disparate threads of modernism and ethnic tradition and treat them as though they were all archaic blues styles learnt from dusty 78s.” BRUCE RUSSELL, THE WIRE

Drawing on source materials from field recordings and local cassettes gathered from around the world, and weaving this together with his Anglicised take on Primitivism, Joynes has released 6 albums to date, including, most recently, ‘The Wild Wild Berry’, a collaboration with singer Stephanie Hladowski (fROOTS Editor's Choice Album Of The Year 2012, MOJO Top 5 Folk Albums 2012). He has played extensively across the UK and Europe, sharing bills with performers including: Shirley Collins, Alasdair Roberts, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, Martin Carthy, Richard Dawson, Alvarius B, Jack Rose, Josephine Foster, Sir Richard Bishop and Steffan Basho-Junghans.



Local favourite who's music draws on the modal tunings and free wheeling spirit of British trailblazers Bert Jansch and Nick Drake, as well as pre-war blues and the ever deepening post-Takoma tradition. 

Nick has released two albums, House of Dragons on Lanchashire and Somerset (2015), and Of Time and Tides on the seminal American label Tompkins Square (2011). He was featured on the fourth volume of the latter's ongoing guitar compilation, Imaginational Anthem, and their tribute album to Michael Chapman, Oh Michael, Look What You've Done.



Drawing upon a range of electronic and avant-garde music practices (especially spaces where these distinctions become less clear cut such as techno, industrial and dub). There's a strong, and unapologetic, intellectual and political dimension tackling surveillance, cultural hierarchies and sinuous forms of oppression. In this sense it is also a folk music, though a contemporary rendering, allowing for more than a few comparisons to projects such as Einstürzende Neubauten. An uncertain music for uncertain times.



at Lee Rosy's, Broad Street, Nottingham

Doors approx 8pm (we'll aim for an 8:30 start as it's a school night)
£5 OTD (£3 unwaged)

Rammel Club #69 -- Sat 20 June 2015

Poster/flyer by Line Vangrunderbeeck
*Finally!* Japanese noise screamo queen JUNKO has always been high on the Rammel wishlist and after numerous failed attempts we finally managed to drag her to Nottingham with MESA OF THE LOST WOMEN from France. This is the first UK tour of this trio and the only gig in the UK outside London, wahey! :-)

JUNKO's legendary status dates back to the ear shredding performances with improv-noise group HIJOKAIDAN and over the years she recorded with Kylie Minoise, Sachiko, Sutcliffe Jugend, Masayoshi Urabe, Michel Henritzi and somehow she hasn't lost her voice ...

MESA OF THE LOST WOMEN is the free-core duet of Yves Botz (DUSTBREEDERS) on noise guitar and Christophe Sorro on free drumming.
From 2004, in successive spiritual unities with Masayoshi Urabe, Jac Berrocal, Cathy Heyden or our favorite scream-queen JUNKO (from legendary Japanese noise-unit Hijokaidan), we never stop to "remember how free we were" ...

Simon Raven, born 1978, Gotham, Nottingham. Currently based at Primary, Nottingham. Simon works in performance and film. He has recently applied to do PhD in Disability Arts Criticism at Northumbria University. To prepare for JUNKO, Simon will amplify and play with the sounds of various objects, including a silver egg pregnancy charm, a touch lamp, a roll of cellotape, an old violin...

Skeletal solo electric guitar from Lincolnshire exile, Charlie Ulyatt. Stripped down melody, drone, disintegration and discord.

The Sons of Rest, two thirds of the Molten Gods forged anew. Electric improvisations of oscillating guitars, pyroclastic effects and retirement drone.

::: SATURDAY 20th JUNE 2015 :::: 
at The Chameleon Arts Cafe - Nottingham
(Old Market sq / alleyway in between Cardzone and Gamestation,
1st double door at the left and then straight up the stairs)

8.30pm -- £6 ADV. / £7 OTD

Rammel Club #68 -- Wed 10 June 2015


"In 2008, Woven Skull first began playing together in a house owned by two of the members and located at the foot of Sheemore (a hill where two factions of fairies clash in an annual battle) in the empty sparse countryside of northwest Ireland. These atmospheric surroundings helped to forge their music which has been described as “minimal, repetitive, distorted, ugly and beautiful in one”. The trio spent several years experimenting with combinations of instrumentation, household objects, kitchen utensils, seashells, footsteps, chimes, recordings of cats purring and frogs mating while developing a sound that after a recent set was described as “a Turkish Velvet Underground.”
Woven Skull have recorded in dark haunted woods, beside bottomless lakes, and in the attics of abandoned houses. Their upcoming LP, “Lair of the Glowing Bantling,” is their first studio album and captures a sound that's more in line with their live performance than past releases which have been a mix of lo-fi practice tapes, outdoor recordings and segments from collaborative sets"


"The solo project of sound artist Jorge Boehringer, consists of continuity and discontinuity for viola, voice and circuits on the border between order and chaos.
Sonically diverse and at times explosive in texture, Core of the Coalman emphasizes the physicality of sound in its synesthetic relationships between ear, mind, and environment.
Performances including feedback-driven yodel triggers, descending tympanic pressures implying sexual interface, and extended upwardly-mobile Carnasitic arrays, with ornaments, have been featured on all kinds of concert programs."


“I hear Cooper slipping off the edge, detaching from the original premise and then losing it via the distraction of side roads and epiphanic tangents. Delicate shapes spiral out of control like music box ballerinas set spinning too fast, and despite the aquamarine gleam that covers the folken flutter of “Klias Wetlands” in its opening few minutes, an inky distortion still manages to find a gap in the seams through which to spill, turning the music into a beautifully bad origami of wrong folds and symmetry offset. I am thoroughly enlivened by the freedom of her music. Every equilibrium disturbance is an invitation; an opportunity to reconsider and repurpose, free to be indulged until the song bloats to the point of bursting. Excesses of warmth and echo are to be trusted as friends – they are beauty enhancers, coaxing melodies out of restraint until they cover themselves in wild frocks of found sound, accordion ribbons and sung notes that rise and fall like the very breaths that bore them. I shut my eyes and slacken myself, permitting Our Aquarius to lead me forth without hesitation or question.”


“Friend of a Friend is the solo project of Alastair D. Smith, who also plays in Nottingham band Blunt Mountains. Friend of a Friend’s music assembles elements of the organic and the artificial – analogue synth drones meet stringed instruments, found sounds, and digital pulses. These sources coalesce to form an end result that feels like the past and the future bleeding into the present."

at The Chameleon Arts Cafe - Nottingham
(Old Market sq / alleyway in between Cardzone and Gamestation, 
1st double door at the left and then straight up the stairs)

Rammel Club #67 -- Fri 05 June 2015

Rammel Club and Thee Cosmic Goat present...
Poster/flyer by Larry Crywater
Their music is some unique mixture of techno/electronica, drum’n bass, noise, psychedelic, kraut-rock and beyond. The collaboration has been described like “Pink Floyd meets Throbbing Gristle” and “21st Century’s Heldon”.

Kazuyuki KISHINO (aka K.K. NULL), composer, guitarist, singer, mastermind of progressive hardcore band ZENI GEVA. One of the top names in Japanese noise music since the early 80’s. Worked with various artists such as Steve Albini, Fred Frith, Chris Watson, Z’ev, Keiji Haino, Matmos. Exploring the outer territories of electronica, creating intense clashing wave of noise, structured electro-acoustic ambience, broken down rhythmics, which could be described “cosmic noise maximal/minimalism”.

Guitarist, multi instrumentalist, founder and leader of ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE.
playing in many bands, session and solo since the start of his music career in 1978.
has an extensive discography.


A cosmic mind-voyage from doom valley to blues mountain.


Bir (Maurice's Hotel Death) blocks together industrial rhythms of a slanted version of reality.

***NEW DATE (was originally scheduled for 8th May)***
:::: Friday 5th JUNE 2015 ::::
(Roden Street, Nottingham, NG3 1JH)

Get your ADV. TICKETS !!!
£7 for handmade lino print tickets at The Music Exchange *or*
£7 + booking fee for e-tickets via http://www.wegottickets.com/event/313977

If there are any tickets left on the door it'll be 8 notes (but don't bank on that, interest is heating up...)

8.00pm doors, 9.00pm START - Bring Your Own Booze

Rammel Club #66 -- Thu 21 May 2015

Poster/flyer by Kathryn Cooper

The Music Exchange and Rammel Club presents:


A truly unique band, around since the late nineties they have kept developing with each record they create. Genre? Ehhh... let's say Psychedelic occult slow tempo Italian prog-rock doom... read on:

Stripped down to just two after deciding they’d done as much with drums as they could, they create music that sounds like it could never be made by a two piece. A couple constantly touring, as well as being dedicated to reinventing and developing their sound; they are equal part industrial, soundtrack and prog and very Italian. So bold and inventive. Recommended by stellar record shop The Music Exchange as well as a wide range of artists including Michael Gira, Julian Cope and Deerhoof. They’ve toured the US twice recently with Deerhoof and XIu Xiu.


Rainbow Grave from Birmingham (ex Backwards). Not seen them yet but they are playing loads and we keep hearing about them. Backwards were amazing when they played Supersonic.
(I've seen them and they are great J.B)


Nadir brings heavy murk for sludgy and spacey times. If you haven’t seen them before you should definitely check them out – Psychedelic and experimental doom with a theremin. Features members of Endless Grinning Skulls, Moloch, Beast as God and Bismuth who are all amazing so you know what to expect.

::: THURSDAY 21st MAY 2015 :::: 
at The Chameleon Arts Cafe - Nottingham
(Old Market sq / alleyway in between Cardzone and Gamestation, 
1st double door at the left and then straight up the stairs)

Rammel Club #65 -- Tue 28 April 2015


Haxed breathing, running lines and sqreen with the birds, this autodidact sax improviser enjoys encounters with other musicians, dancers , comedians, poets and performers from all over the world such as Faust, Geoff Leigh, Jac Berrocal, Lost woman, Morihide Sawada.

Rogier Smal is a drummer who experiments with free percussion sounds. He plays with different groups, musicians and solo. Lately Rogier has been lucky enough to have been making sonic waves of liberty with gems like: Anne la Berge, Dagora, Marshall Allen, Dylan Carlson, David Birchall, Eugene Chadbourne, Peter Zincken, Frankie Vis, City Hands, Yedo Gibson, Sunburned hand of the man, Mik Quantius, Cathy Heyden, Soft is, Daevid Allen, Nora Mulder, Arvind Ganga, Johannes Lunds, Maria Bertel and many more.. wir sind geboren um frei zu sein.



Layers rise and fall, oscillations spew, surface and sink – Smut’s noise is duvet warm yet scab knotted and night black.


Luke Poot. Sheffield based Strepsils abuser. Recent collaborations with the likes of Adam Bohman, Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides, Blue Yodel, Ben Knight, Acrid Lactations, Chastity Potatoe, and Phils' gang of toughs. 'I just listened to a bit that sounded like a pig pushing weights with a scotch egg in its gob.' - Stuart Arnot.

:::: TUESDAY 28th APRIL 2015 :::: 
at JT Soar - Nottingham

(Aberdeen Street, Nottingham NG3 2DG
opposite H3 gym near Sneinton Market)

8.00pm doors, 8.30pm START --
we will start at 8:30 sharp so we can finish at the bus friendly time of approx 10:30
(it is a school night after all)

Advanced tickets = £4 / On the door = £5 (waged), £4 (unwaged)
Advanced tickets via http://www.wegottickets.com/event/312154


Rammel Club #64 -- Thu 09 April 2015


OLIVIER DI PLACIDO is a French guitarist. During the years he has developed an absolutely unique approach to his instrument, being able to play it like a turntable, a synthesizer or a gamelan orchestra. Interested in discovering all the possibilities of the guitar, including the most hidden ones, Olivier has literally invented a new and hybrid instrument, with unfixed neck and moving pick-up.

He plays all around Europe since more than ten years, collaborating with musicians and improvisers like Mario De Vega, Arnaud Riviere, Tony Buck, Anthea Caddy, Ruben Patino, Basile Ferriot, SEC_, and MANY OTHERS w/Francesco gregoretti,,, taking part to international festivals and shows. (Flussi festival 2014)

FRITZ WELCH is a drummer, percussionist and vocalist determined to stretch the escalator of possibilities into the bloodshot eye of results. He is or has been a member of Asparagus Piss Raindrop, Brittle Hammer Trio, Drummer's Corpse, FvRTvR, Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, Irritating Horse Eye, Ki, Lambs Gamble, Not Us, Tripping Landlocked Infidels, Peeesseye, Reel Speed Artist, The Final Five, W!77iN6 and With Lumps. He has played with Blood Stereo, Chris Heenan, Evan Parker, Crank Sturgeon, Liene Rozite, Daniel Carter, Julia Scott, Jazzfinger, John Butcher, Joke Lanz, Stephen O'Malley, Maya Dunietz, Michael Vorfeld, Eric Boros, Tony Conrad and Usurper among many others. He has made performance pieces with Moya Michael, Iain Campbell F-W, Ultimate Dancer, Paige Martin and Juliette Mapp. A longtime Brooklynite of Texas origins, he is now based in Glasgow Scotland.

We last saw him touring with Crank Sturgeon and his completely acoustic show in Nottingham was one of the unexpected highlights of the year.


Bristol based cassette tape manipulator and electronics improviser. Once active with the Oxford and Cheltenham Improvisers collectives.

“The world his music describes is fully formed and the listener’s experience of it is immersive and ego-dissolving but carefully placed ticks – a filter echo, a moment of dictaphonic skwee – bring you back to the surface by foregrounding its artificiality. It’s like a South Sea Islands version of Philip K. Dick’s Time out of Joint. Imagine walking on the golden beach, admiring the dancing palms, looking out over the glassy ocean to the setting sun only for it all to suddenly disappear and be replaced with a featureless white room and a scrap of paper at your feet with the words ‘tropical paradise’ typed on it. As with all the very best stuff: the more I listen to it, the more I want to listen to it.” – Radio Free Midwich


Arianne Churchman is an artist based in Nottingham, her work concerns British folk traditions and takes the form of performance, sculpture and film. Focusing on the para and pseudo historical pressure points found within folkloric acts and material, the work seeks to investigate how we might import and use pre-modern structures in which to create a play space.

She has performed for Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and the Trembling Bells, and regularly collaborates with artist Chloe Langlois. For her performance at the Rammel Club she will be invoking invoking the folklore surrounding black dogs.

::: THURSDAY 9th APRIL 2015 :::: 
at JT Soar - Nottingham

(Aberdeen Street, Nottingham NG3 2DG / 
opposite H3 gym near Sneinton Market)

8.00pm doors, 8.30pm START --
we will start at 8:30 sharp so we can finish at the bus friendly time of approx 10:30
(it is a school night after all)

adv. tickets = £4 / On the door = £5 (waged), £4 (unwaged)
Advanced tickets via http://www.wegottickets.com/event/312152


Rammel Club #63 -- Mon 09 Mar 2015

Rammel Club and Harbinger Sound present...
Facemelt resin cast by Ian Watson


Rudolf Eb.er’s rites and artefacts are portals to the traumatic expanses and abysses of human existence. Regarded as psychopomp or art-brut shamanist, his trail of work leads deep down to - and through - the nethermost regions of the human psyche.

Rudolf Eb.er’s research de-occults the psychic body through psycho-physical tests and trainings. He employs and combines abreactive and cleansing actionism with sonic rituals, psychoactive acoustics and close-up fieldrecordings of nature and decay, generating audio-environments into which he plants grotesque psycho-magic rituals and tantric exercises that trigger a nondual, higher awareness.

Rudolf Eb.er aka Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck founded the Schimpfluch extreme and outsider artist collective in Zürich in 1987. Schimpfluch exponents are highly regarded for their unique and obscure aural and visual work; their confrontational, physically demanding performances and shock treatments remove the boundaries of the body and open up accesses to the collective unconscious.

Rudolf Eb.er lives and works in Japan. His European tour is supported by "Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council"


Andy Bolus (Evil Moisture), whom one fan said he "almost preferred ...to Joseph Roemer", has worked since the early 90s in such fields as circuit bending (almost before this term really existed) and self-taught electronics allowing fabrication of basic synth building blocks, chaotic circuits, unusual ways of 'synchronizing' non-rhythmic sounds, alongside a use of magnetic tape (early evil moisture material was entirely edited by splicing tape) and electronics to produce a kind of low-fi musique concrete which would've no doubt been rejected by Ircams engineers as "technical fault, unlistenable", but it would've been rejected by Wattie of The Exploited as "fuckin shit" too, so whatever.. Recently he has been working more directly with tape 'live cutup', using multiple reel to reels, modified tape echos, and home made tapeloop delays, using as source material basic sounds such as oscillators, function generators ring modulated sounds, and home made microphone circuits such as ultrasonic (bat) detectors(http://evilmoisture.free.fr/bat/). In addition to many Evil Moisture releases he has also made exhibitions and books of his visual work, recently collaborating with the Danish artist Zven Balslev. He runs the label School Of Meat Cutting, releasing cassettes and also an ongoing series of "effects" and sound generators (examples here http://evilmoisture.free.fr/mangler/mashers.html). He also regularly does workshops where people can build such things as ghost detectors, optical theremins, noisy synths, and is teaching an ongoing project to make a haunted house in association with the Lycée Autogéré in Paris.


A delicately collaged swarm of hand spliced cello. Atmospheric and beguiling.

::: MONDAY 9th MARCH 2015 :::: 
at The Chameleon Arts Cafe - Nottingham
(Old Market sq / alleyway in between Cardzone and Gamestation,
1st double door at the left and then straight up the stairs)

8.30pm doors, 9.00pm START -- 
adv. tickets = £5 / On the door = £6 (waged), £5 (unwaged)

Rammel Club #62 -- Sat 28 Feb 2015
RAMMEL CLUB presents 'Cables' at REACTOR HALLS (2-11pm)

Riso print poster/flyer by Line Vangrunderbeeck
Rammel Club presents a celebration of the humble cable
@ Reactor Halls on Saturday 28 February (2-11pm). £3 on the door.

Listed in alphabetical order:

▬▬ Performances (4-11pm) ▬▬


▬▬ Installation (4pm-...) ▬▬


▬▬ Workshops (2-4pm) ▬▬

A.N.T. ATTACK  https://www.facebook.com/events/1604057079828092/
CONTACT MIC SURGERY by Murray Royston-Ward  https://www.facebook.com/events/410616699114741/

Scroll down for more info


Artist's bios:


► [D-C]
[D-C] is a new collaboration between local experimental musicians Jez Creek [Modulator ESP] and Benjamin Hallatt [Kay Hill], combining the improvised analogue electronics approach of Creek with the loop based musique concrete approach of Hallatt. The performance will use inter-connected systems calling for an intuitive response to each others sounds.

Born, raised and current of London (south).
Previously in No Bra (2004–6): co-wrote unexpected hit Munchausen.
Terse humour and observations/worldly interests further evident with work of ecstatic noise trio Baraclough (2006–2012). Current focus is on solo recordings, for labels including Entr'acte, The Tapeworm and Beartown Records. 2014 saw the release of Xeric and a new collaboration with Phil Julian. 2015 will see two new solo releases and further collaborations.

Ian Watson is a Cardiff based artist who practice oscillates between illustration, painting and sound. He often employs home-made electronics in his sound work exploring sonic textures with an improvisatory and richly detailed focus. With recent releases under his own name and 'Swefn', along with performance and installation for Cardiff Contemporary and Experimentica. He will be presenting work based around his 'Only Surface Noise is Real' which involved making resin copies of 7" records with his own sound sound sources contained within. The imperfections created in the casting process providing the raw material to be contemplated and realised through performance.

John Macedo is a sound artist from London. He has incorporated everything from acoustic instruments and environmental sound to analogue and computer synthesis, into compositions, live performances and sound installations. He has a pluralistic approach which focuses on capturing and presenting unrepeatable events and revealing the creative/musical potential in all sounds, while performing in intimate, tactile, and unconventional ways. He performs solo and in collaboration with other musicians on modular synthesizer, custom-made software and electronics.

Marlo Eggplant was born in Baltimore, MD and was originally trained in voice, classical guitar, piano, and cello. She's a prominent figure in a thriving and diverse international scene of female experimental music performers. As curator of the pioneering Ladyz in Noyz compilation series, an ongoing project from 2008 to the present, she has helped to foster this scene and continues to promote emerging artists from around the world on her record label Corpus Callosum. With an intuitive command of minimal instrumentation, including processed autoharp and contact microphones, Marlo Eggplant's sparsely structured notes and layered static textures build into sonically dense improvisations.

Based in Leeds, Melanie O'Dubhshlaine concentrates on electronic extensions of the capacity of the human voice. Not the pitched clarity of the performative singing voice, but the staccato rhythms and microtonal changes in pitch of the talking voice. A talking voice synthesized into abstraction and stripped of communicative utilitarianism. Listening to voices in a language you don't understand or the mutated alien voices which jump out from under layers of shortwave radio static, devoid of meaning, content or signification.
She is a member of Ashtray Navigations whom she has appeared with at ATP (Nightmare Before Christmas, curated by Thurston Moore), Music Lover’s Field Companion in Gateshead, Incubate in Tilburg, Netherlands, Swn Festival in Cardiff and Sotto Voce at Cafe Oto. Her first LP “Deformed Vowels” is due out soon.

Australian-born Tara Pattenden is currently works from Bristol and is active in the field of analog electronics, noise performance and soft circuitry. Phantom Chips performs with an array of home-made electronic instruments, samplers and wearable noisemakers. Concocting rhythms from manipulated found and recorded sounds Phantom Chips invites the audience to don her costumes and join in with the audio. The costumes create sound through movement and allow audience members to experiment with a brand-new form of musical expression. The deliberately clumsy and awkward interfaces invite playfulness and improvisation.

Phil Julian is a UK based sound artist, composer and improviser. Under both the Cheapmachines alias and his own name, Phil Julian has been venturing across various strains of unorthodox sound since the late 1990’s, with his prolific output on a catalogue of imprints encompassing sonic textures ranging from harsh squalls of noise to compositions structured around hyper-minimalistic timbres and drones.
Studio recordings and live performances within Europe and North America have focused on the use of analogue electronics (particularly unstable and/or chaotic systems – modular analogue synthesizers, feedback, contact microphones, objects and surfaces) and computer based works.
Audio works by Julian have been published on labels including Entr’acte, Banned Production, The Tapeworm, Harbinger Sound, Confront Recordings, Staalplaat (Open Circuit imprint), con-v, Beartown Records as well as numerous compilation appearances.

Adam Denton and Luke Twyman began collaborating under the name Trans/Human at The Audacious Art Experiment HQ in Sheffield during 2011. Employing several noise making devices and techniques in their performances, including mobile phones, radio, cassette tape, prepared electric guitar, processed drums, strobe lighting, contact microphones, field recordings and feedback systems, Trans/Human’s concerns lie within the physical act of music making and its relationship to environment and audience. Throughout 2012 Trans/Human have developed their performances to use the artist’s body as a conduit between noise and audience. By amplifying objects used by Kilby or Canavan during these performances, Trans/Human have added to their repository of noise making devices, bringing together performance and sound art in an innovative and engaging way.


Experimental Sonic Machines is the name of a project begun in 2010 by British artist Peter K. Rollings, based at Lincoln, UK. The title Experimental Sonic Machines is self-explanatory: trying ideas in sound (and vision) with experimental instruments & machines. He also experiments with visuals such as masks, helmets & outfits.
Rollings started to make his music machines in the late Eighties with the 'Cardboard Disc Player' (CDP), and a series of machines were made in the ensuing years. Since 2010 he has been more active with 'The Rocket, 'The Rhythm Wheel', Strox, Supastrox (2011) Flanjo (2011) OSP Machine (2012) Round Xylophone (2012) 36cm Turntable (2013) 20cm Turntable (2013) and others.


info on https://www.facebook.com/events/1604057079828092/
Abstract Noise Terrorists Attack workshop… Bring any instrument/object, plug in your lead and join in…
Rising from the ashes of Abstract Noise Ting, the collective returns with a noise/free improvisational workshop. Having previously consisted of members of Kosmonaut Death Trip, Modulator ESP, Corglin Grange, No Duty to Retreat, Kay Hill, Sludge Lord, Dick Sputnik, Ed’s Truck and Vinolent. Now, Scott Bradley and Richard Morfett of Croglin Grange, are hosting this creative platform where you are encouraged to join in and take part. Whilst often a chaotic, aggressive and volatile sonic assault there is also space for building a narrative and understanding through collective play.

► CONTACT MIC SURGERY by Murray Royston-Ward
info on https://www.facebook.com/events/410616699114741/
There is something inherently musical in the process of actually building and using audio technology. We tend to view music as the artefacts left behind (scores, recordings etc.) rather than as a complex of participatory social activities (playing intruments, listening, dancing etc.) Through workshops I aim to facilitate an exploration of an expanded rubric of improvised 'musicking' which incorporates the making and use of such technologies.
For 'Cables' I will be drawing upon recent workshops in Uganda, Nepal, Sheffield and Nottingham; offering a drop-in surgery for the humble 'contact mic'. Materials and tools will be available to build and experiment with contact mics so come along and get involved.



This February Rammel Club and Reactor Halls are teaming up to present 'Cables', an event which seeks to explore the electronic aspects of auditory arts and collaborative improvisation.

A cable is more than a mere length of wire. It is a trail to be followed, tracing a line between two points, or a meshwork of interwoven threads. The cable carries the pulse of electricity or light in response to a trigger. Cables are bookended by 'plugs', affording an abundance of possible connections. Some connections will be recommended for you in the user guide. But why stop there? Plug a synthesiser into a television, a hard-drive into an amplifier, a cello into a sat-nav, internally rewiring existing circuits or creating new possibilities for interactions between sounds and their players, recordists and engineers.

Rammel and Reactor wish to celebrate the humble cable with a range of performers, makers and artists for whom venturing into the electric realms has always been a very natural part of contemporary sound practice.



:::: SATURDAY 28th FEBRUARY 2015 :::: 

Reactor Halls E14: Cables - RAMMEL CLUB
at Primary, 33 Seely Road, NG7 1NU Nottingham - £3 OTD

Workshops (2-4pm)
Installation (4pm-...)
Performances (4-11pm)