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RAMMEL CLUB #100 - E Chadbourne & A Cheetham, R Lee & M Thompson, C Ulyatt. Friday 14th June.

Rammel Club #100
Eugene Chadbourne & Andrew Cheetham
Eugene Chadbourne is an internationally renowned improviser/guitarist/banjo player, who has collaborated with the likes of John Zorn, Fred Frith, Derek Bailey and Han Bennink.  “Chadbourne is a great songwriter and a true banjo virtuoso. His inclination to experimentation draws on his love of traditional country and bluegrass. The way he can scoop up techniques and then have them resurface in unexpected guises is part of what made his performance so engaging.” - London Jazz News
You may have seen Andrew Cheetham's psychedelic form of improv drumming previously at Rammel Club when he performed last year in Yerba Mansa. 
Marie Thompson & Rebecca Lee
Rebecca Lee (Bredbeddle, If the Bell Rings we will Hear it) and Marie Thompson are sound makers based in Nottingham. Combining oboe and flute, they are interested in the constraints and opportuni…

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