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RAMMEL CLUB #101 - Vampyres, Lucy Adlington, Nacht und Nebel. Friday 5th July


Vampyres is the project of Lee Stokoe (Culver) and Martyn Reid (Depletion). The sheer force of Stokoe's drone with the added harsher end coming from Reid should provide a sonic feast of some magnitude.

A mercurial dive into a nuclear nightmare. Inspired by chemical weaponry, the Daily Mail, analogue recording and seeing what depths of hell can be unleashed from only 6 strings and a piece of wood. Creeped-out, reverb-driven noise/drone guitar with phantom vocals from the depths of County Durham. Previously working under the name Stealing Kittens.

As ever, every sound you’ll hear is originally made using a cello and is manipulated in a variety of ways into ‘a combination of earthy drones and facesplitting noise that comes front-loaded with grumbling unease, prickly barbs of interference and obnoxious vibrat…

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