Rammel Club #130 - Guttersnipe / Cuntroaches / Hannah Bannanah


Rammel Club #130 co promo w/593 Collective
Hannah Bannanah - 
Old Bus Depo, NG1 1GD
8pm Doors

“Leeds (UK) xenofeminist crisis-energy rock duo Guttersnipe wield guitar, drums, electronics and voice to unleash brutal rainbow abstraction, smothering the Rock idiom in hyperaccelerated bioluminescent hysteria!
Formed in 2014 with the initial aim of marrying the dislocated rhythms of no-wave and noise rock with the deranged frenetix of early Carcass and churning it out with the intensity of extreme free-jazz and punk.
Guttersnipe have slowly developed into a brutalist power duo, hucking absurdist yelping and electro shock riffs across a skree of Moiré-ing patterns with the time dial set to ‘loose’, resulting in a sound simultaneously uplifting and terrifying.
Described oddly accurately by Rolling Stone as “sheer chaos, spurts played with hardcore abandon by kids into Sun Ra and Beefheart and death metal, a Xenakis composition as a loft band”.”

“Their sound is as utterly compelling, disturbing, eyebrow-raising and violent as their name suggests. This is chaos of the highest, most brutal order and is a vicious assault on the senses.” – CVLT Nation.
“Cuntroaches - a name inexplicably unused throughout the history of bands, orchestras... any grouping of people really... As it is, the mantle’s (finally) been taken up by two women and a bloke making ferociously warped hardcore-flecked no wave. Mutating waves of feedback intoxicate and induce hangovers all at once, obscene bass sounds - and the vocals - reverbed to an absurd degree - approach black metal levels of demonic witchery.” - The Quietus

Hannah Bannanah
"i want my blurb to say im doing a 'public lecture on the dangers of the sun' :D"


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