Rammel Club #48 -- Mon 29 April 2013

Poster by Daniel Ward <link>
Asmus Tietchens is a German electronic musician who has pursued "absolute music" through an almost mathematical process of rigid formal exercises. His music is heavily influenced by atonal kraut-rockers Cluster and Faust and has strong ties to Karlheinz Stockhausen's early electronic work: Tietchens specializes in irregular patterns of sonic abstractions that are suspended in gray drones to create cold textural voids from external references. (--> you guessed it right... but he does sound like that in letters)
His music is often inspired by and refers to the texts of the philosopher Emil Cioran. Over the past 4 decades Tietchens collaborated with Peter Baumann (Tangerine Dream), Nurse with Wound, Thomas K├Âner, Vidna Obmana, Jon Mueller, Richard Chartier, Otto Bekker... and also released music under a few aliases (e.g. Hematic Sunsets).

Shelly Knotts is a composer and performer of live electronic music and works from Birmingham and somewhere in Germany (ehhh my mind has gone blank and the next coffee break is 10 mins away).
Unlike the laptop musicians from the nineties she will be live coding (programming her laptop in real time / call it improv on a laptop) with her screen being projected on the fly.
Shelly Knotts has engaged in various collaborations experimenting with diverse musical practices/styles including experimental, electroacoustic, jazz, punk and dance music. Her composition work has been presented across the UK and Europe and was published on the Chordpunch label and in the Leonardo Music Journal. Shelly Knotts is also a member of the laptop band BiLE (Birmingham Laptop Ensemble).

Adam is passionate about waves in all forms; sound waves, light waves, radio waves, brainwaves, wavewaves...and is very fond of the term "vibrations artist". He will be expressing his love for oscillations at the Rammel using light-sensitive synthesizers, radios and other gubbins.

+ DJ ZIPO (aufabwegen) ambient/field recording/noise collages
DJ Zipo is Till Kniola, he is based in Cologne and runs the aufabwegen label/mailorder and curates sound events.

MONDAY 29th APRIL 2013
The CHAMELEON Arts Cafe, Nottingham [MAP]
(Old Market sq / enter alleyway in between CARDZONE and Gamestation, then 1st door at the left and up the stairs)
8.00pm doors / 8.30pm START (!!!) -- £5 door / £4 for High Society card.

Link to Facebook event

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