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Rammel Club #118 - Territorial Gobbing / Rob Lye / gulpXL

  ***PLEASE NOTE VENUE CHANGED TO JT SOAR, NOT BEAM AS ORIGINALLY ADVERTISED*** Territorial Gobbing Rob Lye gulpXL JT SOAR, NG3 1JB  Beam, 33 Seely Road, NG7 1NU   10/06/2023 8pm Doors £8adv/10door Tickets: Territorial Gobbing A Territorial Gobbing show gives the feeling that anything is possible. Detritus toots and crackles, conventional sources of sound become food becomes prop for visual slapstick, sounds stop as abruptly as they start, while buttons are pressed and knobs are twiddled with a compromising fervency that makes a mockery of efficiency and at a speed that makes it impossible to take time for contemplation. Territorial Gobbing has cultivated a life-affirming, gleefully irreverent act that isn’t just funny as fuck but sounds banging. Rob Lye Rob Lye is a member of Chora. His broad practice spans sculpture, performance, painting, spatialised sound and video. Recent releases include ‘Modern

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