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Rammel Club #137 - Gibrana Cervantes / Burd Ellen / Linda Kemp

  Rammel Club #137 Gibrana Cervantes Burd Ellen Linda Kemp Fri 19th July @ JT Soar, NG3 1JB 8pm doors £8 adv/£10 door tickets: Gibrana Cervantes ... is a Mexican musician who has made a name for herself as a violinist, composer, and improviser. She is widely recognized for her innovative and experimental approach to music, which seamlessly blends classical and metal influences to create a truly distinctive style. Cervantes has a gift for combining melody and noise in her compositions, resulting in emotive and contemplative pieces. Beyond her work as a musician, Cervantes is also the co-founder and curator of 316centro in Mexico City. A space dedicated to showcasing emerging forms of sound art in Latin America and has become a hub for creativity and experimentation in the region. Her performances have garnered critical acclaim, including stand out shows at CTM Festival 2023 in Berlin, The Royal Albert Hall, Cafe Oto, Iklektic and The Old Church in Lond

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