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Rammel Club #132 - Fiesta en el vacío / Acte Bonté / Charizard

  Rammel Club #132 Fiesta en el vacío Acte Bonté Cracked Hands  Charizard 27/04/2024 Old Bus Depo, NG1 1GD 8pm Doors £8adv/£10door tickets: Fiesta en el vacío Fiesta en el vacío is the title of a poem by Alejandra Pizarnik, and also the name of Luna María Cedrón's solo project. Initially purely instrumental, her music is constantly evolving. Lately, Luna has been integrating more and more flamenco elements into her music. Acoustic guitar, minimal rhythms, noisy samples, the whole is stripped back and leaves plenty of room for the vocals. A first album on the Simple Music Experience label and a second on Teenage Menopause. Acte Bonté  Acte bonté is the electronic duo of sisters Rébecca and Fiona Bonté. Since 2018, their obsessional loops, occasional kicks, and ethereal auto-tuned melodies have echoed in many basements and backyards in Western Europe. Their synths, sampler

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