Rammel Club #61 -- Sat 7 Feb 2015

► David Birchall + Javier Saso

David Birchall is a Manchester based alumni of Stuckometer, Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra, Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura and Chastity Potatoe who has worked with the likes of Andrew Cheetham, Sam Andreae, Rogier Smal, Olie Brice, Toby Delius, Mark Sanders, Richard Scott, Philip Marks and Rhys Chatham.
He can also be seen in a range of collaborations with dancers, performers, filmmakers and visual artists with a recent residency at The Penthouse.
I've seen him described as playing the guitar in an 'un-guitar' like way which seems rather fitting.

The enigmatic Javier Saso hails from Castilla, Spain. His website says he's "lived a whole life two nights in the biscuit factory" but we've no idea what that means either.
He plays guitar in combination with an array of obsolete machines, pickups, radios and industrial waste.
Last seen knocking around with some-kind of souped up VHS player we can't wait to hear what this meeting of great musicians will bring.

► Nick Jonah Davis + Jo Cormack

Nick Jonah Davis is a solo guitarist from Nottingham. He's our favourite purveyor of pre-War blues but recently we caught him in Lee Rosy's improvising an electric soundscape partially soundtraking Tarkovsky's Stalker. Maybe it was the Fennel Tea or maybe it was the distopian soviet imagery but we loved it and wanted some more.
Here he will be joined by violinist Jo Cormack of local port-rock heroes Seachange and Reynolds.

► Tepeu y Q'uq'umatz

Former The Failed NASA Experiment, Black Stepdad, yajé and The Lows and the Highs Records Murray Royston-Ward contemplating ancestral time-travel and VHS visions via clutter, sellotape and 12 string circumambulations.

:::: SATURDAY 7th FEBRUARY 2015 :::: 
at The Chameleon Arts Cafe - Nottingham
(Old Market sq / alleyway in between Cardzone and Gamestation, 1st double door at the left and then straight up the stairs)

8.30pm doors, 9.00pm START -- 
£5 waged / £4 unwaged

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