Rammel Club #135 - Harrga / SDEM / Silver Waves


Rammel Club #135
Silver Waves
Fri 7th June @ SOAN, NG3 1JH
8pm doors

Harrga (‘a burn’ in the Moroccan Darija dialect) is a duo formed by producer and philosopher Miguel Prado and experimental vocalist and improviser Dali de Saint Paul. Mixing uncompromising poetics and politics in multiple languages, and deploying singular, amorphous noise-design, they conjure an anomalous vision of contemporary industrial music.
Harrga’s critically-acclaimed debut album 'Héroïques Animaux de la Misère' (2019, Avon Terror Corps) was a meditation on the horror of border crossings, while their follow up 'Femmes d’Intérieur' (2020, Takuroku) explores violence towards women, pushing the boundaries of the form to deliver an unusual cinematic drama. More recently, following Dali’s appearance on her 'Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes' LP, Moor Mother released Harrga’s track 'Urban Blues' on her own label BlackMas5 Records (2022). They have also appeared on several international compilations, including 'Future Chorus' (2023, Hypermedium).

SDEM (aka Tom Knapp) has been active in UK electronic music since the late 90s, hosting club nights and live events, DJing, running the labels ICASEA & meds and performing / releasing music and sounds under various aliases and collaborations. In 2017 an anonymous self dubbed cassette as SDEM was released with a steady flow of releases following via CPU, Opal Tapes, Seagrave and Superpang.
The SDEM sound comes via long immersion in US hiphop & electro, UK post-bleep / hardcore mutations, and improv / noise / computer music. In 2022 the SDEM live project started, appearing on lineups with Scorn, The Ephemeron loop, Duma and The Fear Ratio to date. In Summer 2023 SDEM released a double album 'Vortices' on legendary Manchester label SKAM, featuring in best of 2023 lists on Boomkat, Bleep and Norman records.

Silver Waves is the project of Dylan Mallett, an experimental musician and producer based in Bristol, UK. Originally established as an outlet to explore abstracted narratives and sounds derived from the unconventional use of traditional instrumentation, the presentation of unrestrained emotion delivered through obscure sonics remains a common theme throughout Silver Waves’ music. Previous releases have landed on forward thinking labels such as Portals Editions and Illegal Data, whilst Silver Waves has presented their incendiary live show across the UK and Europe on bills with Wolf Eyes, Pharmakon and aya, alongside performance collaborations with Klein and EP/64.
"Music to soundtrack Satan's own space travels" - The Quietus
"Bristol's most uncompromising music producer" - Crack Magazine