Rammel Club #66 -- Thu 21 May 2015

Poster/flyer by Kathryn Cooper

The Music Exchange and Rammel Club presents:


A truly unique band, around since the late nineties they have kept developing with each record they create. Genre? Ehhh... let's say Psychedelic occult slow tempo Italian prog-rock doom... read on:

Stripped down to just two after deciding they’d done as much with drums as they could, they create music that sounds like it could never be made by a two piece. A couple constantly touring, as well as being dedicated to reinventing and developing their sound; they are equal part industrial, soundtrack and prog and very Italian. So bold and inventive. Recommended by stellar record shop The Music Exchange as well as a wide range of artists including Michael Gira, Julian Cope and Deerhoof. They’ve toured the US twice recently with Deerhoof and XIu Xiu.


Rainbow Grave from Birmingham (ex Backwards). Not seen them yet but they are playing loads and we keep hearing about them. Backwards were amazing when they played Supersonic.
(I've seen them and they are great J.B)


Nadir brings heavy murk for sludgy and spacey times. If you haven’t seen them before you should definitely check them out – Psychedelic and experimental doom with a theremin. Features members of Endless Grinning Skulls, Moloch, Beast as God and Bismuth who are all amazing so you know what to expect.

::: THURSDAY 21st MAY 2015 :::: 
at The Chameleon Arts Cafe - Nottingham
(Old Market sq / alleyway in between Cardzone and Gamestation, 
1st double door at the left and then straight up the stairs)

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