Rammel Club #10

Tuesday 3 November 2009 in
The Chameleon 
(Old Market sq / alleyway next to the Bell Inn, above Clinton Cards) Nottingham [MAP]
8.00pm doors, 8.30pm'ish start 
£5 door / limited £4 cheap list: e-mail your name to tickets@rammelclub.org

John Wiese (us)

"Ok so he’s worked with Sunn 0)), Bastard Noise, Dead Machines, Sissy Spacek, Evan Parker, Burning Star Core and probably a hundred other chaps I haven’t even heard of but the thing I like best about Wiese’s solo stuff is that once you’ve gotten over the raw sonic terror that he unleashes then you spend hours, days even, marvelling at just how diamond precise everything is, just how much time he’s spent chiselling that sonic mayhem into crystal perfect shards that lock and unlock with uncanny precision. New LP out now on No Fun Productions. It’ll be loud, bring earplugs." - RH


Ross Parfitt (Sheffield)

"is a Sheffield based musician, sometime Hunter Gracchus and Tirath Singh-Nirmala collaborator, and dedicated to exploring minimal compositional devices to maximal conclusions." - (Lotus Birth) "Utterly compelling stuff, ever shifting and tidal in its mysterious ambiguity." - (Foxy Digialis) and for tonight’s show he’s promised;

“contact mics and restring
lumb bank slow retune
laurence crane's guitar prelude.”

+ FOCO (Nottingham)

Three choices-

Being a 1/3 of Molten Gods doesn't mean a 1/3 of the volume. Watch mathamatics crumble.
Splitting the signal into bits as the springs and wires begin to buckle...
I'm not one for blurb.
Make of it what you will.