Rammel Club # 25 Islaja + Bastard Sword + Poppy Seed Friday 17th September


Islaja presents an out of focus take on psychedelic folk from the forests of Finland and has recorded four beautiful albums for Fonal and Ecstatic Peace. Her earliest records sounded like she was beating out percussion on broken twigs but of late she’s adopted a more electronic pulse, although she still sounds as if her head’s lost in woodland depths. Quiet, abstract sounds coalesce around her voice to form oddly affecting songs that sneak down your eardrums and wrap themselves round your brain.


Bastard Sword

Just to make sure things don’t totally go all cocoa and slippers we’ve drafted in Bastard Sword to punch you in the kidneys during half time. Swarthy art rock from London Town.


Poppy Seed

Stumbling, fragile songs accompanied by acoustic guitar and occasional drum interludes.


PLEASE NOTE that for one night only Rammel Club has moved to the Bunkers Hill Inn.
We'll be back at Chameleon the following week for Muscletusk and Scrim.

£6 tickets / £7 on the door
Bunkers Hill Inn (function room on the 1st floor)
36-38 Hockley