Rammel Club 27 Mark Durgan with Spoils and Relics/Helm- Sunday 3rd Oct

Hell, I know that Rammel Club members always have their fingers on the pulse and snouts perpetually buried in the pungent crotch of ‘THE NOW’ but if you haven’t yet booked a ticket for the upcoming LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society) festival ‘Lowest Form of Music’ at the end of October then you need to get yer skates on (mate) cos it promises to be one of the events of the year. In eager anticipation of this three day free for all of aural emancipation the Rammel Club is proud to present a warm up gig for some of the British acts on the bill; Mark Durgan with Spoils and Relics and Helm.

Mark Durgan

Electronic and acoustic sounds are knitted into incredibly intricate patterns that suck you into a microscopic world of sound. On record, it’s the kind of noise that repays patient headphone listening whilst live it swallows you up and leaves you disorientated and curious as to what just happened with

Spoils and Relics

Three reprobates create the kind of unearthly gurgles and chittering that one would normally associate with a particularly nasty episode in a Thomas Ligotti short story. Whatever’s happening in the basement (or, in this case, upstairs at Chameleon) is sure to be unpleasant and potentially life threatening.


One half of Birds and Delay, Luke Younger’s Helm project will possibly consist of field recordings, tapes, and electronics (although don’t hold me to it). Latest reviews of his recent LP on Pan (‘To an end’) refer to the surrealist cut-up techniques of Nurse with Wound which sounds an extremely tasty proposition if you ask me.

The groups will be jamming from 3pm and you're welcome to come and hang out and have a beer...the gig actual starts at...
£3 on the door
Sunday 3rd October
The Chameleon (Next to the Bell Inn)


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