Rammel club 28- John Wiese/Nacht und Nebel/Sleaford Mods- Thurs 14th Oct

John Wiese
A welcome return performance for John Wiese who plays with Sissy Spacek and has worked with Sunn 0)), Bastard Noise, Dead Machines, Smegma and Burning Star Core to name a few. Raw sonic terror that is meticulously crafted and almost crystalline in its precision and attack.

Nacht und Nebel
Despite the skin flaying intensity of the Nacht und Nebel sound there’s an underlying melancholy reminiscent of the better Constellation bands that means it doesn’t slip into meaningless noise. Always a pleasure.

Sleaford Mods
Expect a torrent of vile abuse and pointed bitterness over rudimentary funk and hip hop loops. Expect to leave glassy-eyed and nervous.

Thursday 14th October
The CHAMELEON Arts Cafe, 17 Angel Row, Nottingham [MAP]
(Old Market sq / alleyway next to the Bell Inn, above Clinton Cards)
8.30pm doors


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