Rammel Club 30 falls on Thursday 4th November
Sylvester Anfang II / US Girls / Ignatz / Hellvete / Bear Bones, Lay Low

Ok kitties, we have a real treat for you here. A vanload of fabulous freaks is turning up at the Rammel Club on November 4th. So not only will you get Sylvester Anfang II, US Girls and Hellvete you’ll also get the twisted blues abstractions of Ignatz and the Eastern raga drone of Bear Bones, Lay Low. It's our 30th gig and promises to be one of the highlights of our chequered career, miss this at your peril.

During my extensive research on shitty horror films from the 60s and 70s I have determined that hippies come in two distinct types. The first have flowing locks, listen to Donovan and smell like a spring meadow in first bloom. The second group are greasy, lowdown creeps clad in denim and leather that worship the goat, sacrifice nubile virgins and kick out acid drenched, communal space rock before breaking out the hogs and powering down the highway cackling ancient blasphemies to the wind. Sylvester Anfang most certainly fall into the second category.

Reviews of US Girls recent Siltbreeze LP (the new Eno?!) might lead you to expect some docile drone pop but what you actually get is The Shangri-La’s bad attitude swathed in volume and static. Bee hive hairdos glitching and snapping as the television tube dies a slow glowing death. If you caught her last set at The Rammel Club you'll know just how good she is live.

“… he has 'that sound': that lusty, soil-bred twang, inimitable and immediately identifiable, that means he can avoid the arch allusiveness and technical ostentation that can infect his peers.” – The Wire magazine* (*)expect something that’s muuuuuch better than their write-up http://www.myspace.com/ignazt

The Family had Charlie Manson, the Peoples Temple had Jim Jones and Sylvester Anfang II have Hellvete. Expect layers of dripping lysergic guitar, massed choirs of looped vocals and dark, dingy keyboards.

“A kraut rock, psych jam reminiscent of Neu! And Ash Ra Tempel. Treat your ears to this track soaked in fuzz and laced with guitar solo freak-outs.” -- Dublab

The CHAMELEON Arts Cafe, Nottingham
(Old Market sq / alleyway next to the Bell Inn, above Clinton Cards)
7.30PM doors -- £5.50 adv. / £7 on the door
EARLY START !!! 8 PM !!!