Rammel Club #43 -- SATURDAY 24th MARCH
Sudden Infant / H / BBBLood / Aqua Dentata / Jenna Finch / Lauren Marie

Poster by Daniel Ward

>> an evening with

SUDDEN INFANT (Switzerland/Germany)
Sudden Infant harnesses childish glee into surrealist sounds and a performance that disturbs as much as it amuses. Joke Lanz is a member of the Schlimpfuch-Gruppe, the notorious Swiss aktionist group and was involved in traumatising a captive audience in Nottingham a few years back. This is his only UK date.

H (France)
It’s a little known fact that after the breakup of Steps, H moved to Bristol and started to produce convulsive electronics. At least this is the information I’ve been given, apart from the bio which says "Pyramid Power and Drone Zone Hymns for a Battle Bliss H, Nerd Kundalini, practices mesmeric audio gestures to make U go 3D B'aaouuuwh"

A notoriously violent and abusive London noise thug. Was last seen onstage carving his initials into rodents using a rusty contact mic that had ceased to work in 1998. The Sun calls him a “vile and unpleasant human being” and we’re only too pleased to welcome him to the Rammel Club stage.

Pure crystalline drone from London, whose last piece reminded me of Charlemagne Palestine’s work which in reality meant I sat transfixed in my comfy chair with the cat for an hour or so. We’ll be providing neither chair nor cat accompaniment for this engagement.

>> and performances by

"Jenna Finch is a performance artist based in Nottingham. She rejects the market-driven art world and instead favours obscure happenings that money can't buy. Jenna tries to blur art and life by translating her banal everyday politics into "visual feedback". She uses her childish wit and eccentric props to communicate her ideas."

"Lauren Marie is a sexually frantic and brutally honest poet and performance artist. Grief is a piece about freedom for emotive expression translated through the face of a Geisha."

SATURDAY 24th MARCH 2012 -- 8.30pm doors
The CHAMELEON Arts Cafe, Nottingham [MAP]
(Old Market sq / alleyway next to the Bell Inn, above Clinton Cards)

-- on the door: £6 / £5 for holders of a wristband for http://rammelclub-weekender.tumblr.com/ so keep that wristband!
-- advanced £5 (+booking fee) on http://www.wegottickets.com/event/160142