Rammel Club #73 - Thursday 28th January 2015 - ANLA COURTIS►PIERCY/HALLATT►NEGATIVE MIDAS TOUCH

Rammel Club presents:

Rammel Club are thrilled to announce the fairly imminent descent of Anla Courtis to an ice bitten Nottingham this coming January. Hailing from Argentina, Courtis has created a prolific catalogue of recordings and performed in every corner of the world, bringing his own unrelenting talents for sound experimentation to every scenario, object and instrument that he can get his hands on.
We have absolutely no idea at the present time what to expect from Anla on his upcoming tour, but we are excited and totally backed up to the eyeballs with hot quotations, audio links and tantalising videos to share with you over the coming weeks.
“…one of the most active musical minds around” THE WIRE (UK)
“ a composer with an insatiable thirst for experimentation and different forms of expression” TOKAFI ( Germany )
“a true mastermind of noisescapes and sonic abstractions” IEM Magazine ( Russia )

A second time live collaboration between Leeds based Kieron Piercy (Spoils and Relics / Harbinger Sound / Second Sleep) and Nottingham based Benjamin Hallatt (KIKSGFR / Murder Cult / Strange Rules).
The first collaboration between this pair focussed on stripped to the bone minimal modular synth glitches, subsonic bass and bent out of shape frequency interference and we are expecting to hear further explorations into the same terrain.

One-woman Sheffield-based power electronics/industrial sounds, for your listening pleasure/displeasure.

Chameleon, 17 Angel Row, Nottingham, NG1 6HL

Thursday 28th January