RAMMEL CLUB #103 - Mark Morgan, Gaute Granli, Geranium Slips, Shit Hippies. Wednesday 13th November.


Mark Morgan
Morgan was the guitarist and vocalist of the band Sightings (Load Records). For almost 20 years Sightings tirelessly extended the musical vocabulary and sonic landscape of the classic rock n roll guitar bass drum trio. Their unique use of technology, disregard for tradition and control over chaos left them peerless and genre-defying. The visceral and claustrophobic nature of their music made even the heaviest metal or gnarly punk sound nostalgic and lightweight. Morgan has developed such a distinctive and instantly recognisable sound that he should be considered one of the most unique guitarists of the modern era."He’s not coming at this from a Pharoah Sanders-worshipping, free jazz-loving, sensibility. Rather, I hear his home town, Detroit. This is scuzzy, and raw-sounding, punctuated with moments of utter desolation. Moments build, only to collapse again. There are even funky grooves but, of course, they fall apart." Julie Cafritz

Gaute Granli
'Norwegian musican Gaute Granli used to play guitar and shout in Skadne Krek and Freddy The Dyke. Now he focuses mainly on his solo project where he explores a range of abstract and bizarre territories. He combines chanting, guitar, a range of effects with analog sampling and creates a dark and industrial sound. The music is freely improvised as well as composed.' Granli appears to inhabit the sort of warped outsider dystopia that folks like Chrome, Alan Vega, Brainbombs and German Shepards made so alluring.

Geranium Slips
Lila Matsumoto and Matthew Hamblin of Food People are joined by Linda Kemp who sometimes performs under the name Enjoy Your Homes in their new improvised project Geranium Slips. https://foodpeople.bandcamp.com/album/food-party

Shit Hippies
Members of Bloody Head bring their disjointed yet relentless form of free rock. It's bloodcurdlingly crude, yet somewhere lurking deep inside it could be the spirit of Bobby Beausoleil.

£6 adv/£8 door
8pm Wednesday 13th November
Chameleon, Nottingham