RAMMEL CLUB #104 - Kelly Jayne Jones, Shakeeb Abu Hamdan, Bredbeddle. Thursday 12th December.

Kelly Jayne Jones
Makes use of varying combinations of prepared recordings, text, rocks, found sounds and flute. Her work beckons a tussle with uncertainty, inviting exposure and vulnerability in performance, chasing experiences that open our chasms within, without restraint. Searching for humble principles of growth; physics; sound, connecting with others in the same space/moment, customary experimental play, with threads and beads of improvisation and interactivity. KJJ has had residencies at Arnolfini in Bristol UK and Kunstalle Bergen, Norway, and has produced commissioned works for Haris Epaminonda at dOCUMENTA13, Tate Modern, ICA London, Schirn Frankfurt, Point Centre Nicosia. She has performed, solo and with part wild horses mane on both sides, at CCA Glasgow, Trieze Gallery Paris, Borealis Festival, Tectonics Reykjavik, Hangar Bicocca in Milan and at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Shakeeb Abu Hamden
Beruit, Lebanon based artist and musician Shakeeb Abu Hamden may already be known to you as the spell binding drummer in Please or The Family Elan, possibly as the bass player in the ever perplexing Clexhuddersfax, or even perhaps as a member of one of the most intriguing noise bands of the early 2000's Isambard Kingston Brunel. Abu Hamden's current works see him playing percussion in a free improv/extended technique form.

Rebecca Lee is a musician, composer and artist based at Primary, Nottingham. Working across performance, installation, scores and broadcasts. Her work explores processes of making and forms of listening, drawing from experimental, early, electronic, chamber and improvised musics. In the Bredbeddle project Rebecca uses turntable(s) and sampling across a broad range of sources - focusing more on matching pitch centers, textures and types of sound, prioritising those over beat matching.

8pm Thursday 12th December
JT Soar, Nottingham