RAMMEL CLUB #105 - Secluded Bronte, Timmy Trampeater, Cloth. Weds 5th Feb


Secluded Bronte
Secluded Bronte are Richard Thomas, Jonathan Bohman and Adam Bohman. Their music is easy to describe. It is heterogenous and inclusive, but pinning it down to a genre is a waste of time. Why would anyone bother to do that? Nonetheless, this elusive quality is why artists as diverse as Jack Woolgar, David Hemmings, Loki, Roger Delgado, The Founding Fathers, Primo Levi, Domenico Dragonetti, DJ Travelodge, Sasha Kropotkin, The Maltese Falcons and Barabbas regard them so highly. Fresh from concerts in Germany and Ireland, Secluded Bronte perform material from a new single on Felix Kubin's Apolkalypso label and their new album Magnetic Crochet, released by Beartown Records and the Welsh private press Ffordd Allan. Forthcoming is an album on Café Oto’s Otoroku label. Writing for The Wire Magazine, Robert Barry had a go at describing the experience of listening to their music. "Everything is at once familiar and strange. A delirious, weird and unique world which is always fascinating, occasionally hilarious and frequently spellbinding."


Timmy Trampeater
With very direct and brief punk songs Timmy Trampeater is sure to bring a smile to your face. Something along the lines of Patrik Fitzgerald losing all patience, playing twice as fast, and generally using less than 10 words in each song. Songs which happen to be about stuff like cats, salad or encounters with wasps.

Two thirds of Food People return under the duo moniker of Cloth. Recently observed at Supernormal festival applying salve to hungover Sunday brains they continue the kind act here by beaming in spoken word, spooling tapes, loops, violin, percussion, accordian, wind instruments etc to soothing effect. Only the headstrong & foolish would refuse these intimate broadcasts. Don't be a lunkhead. - Chocolate Monk

Weds Feb 5th
JT Soar
£6 adv/£8 door
7.30pm doors



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