Rammel #112 bar italia / Krupps

 Rammel Club #112

bar italia

Sat Nov 19th at The Old Bus Depo, NG1 1GD
8pm doors

bar italia
Dean Blunt’s label World Music’s output is often shrouded in mystery - much like the founder himself . When it comes to the 2021 release ‘Quarrel’, put out under the name bar italia, there is no way to tell if the hypnagogic record has the elusive artists’ fingerprints all over. Whatever the case, the record’s hazy production, blemished hooks and outsider aesthetic make it a perfect fit for the secretive UK label’s exciting tapestry.

Krupps make a raw ruminative racket that couldn’t  be made by anybody else, except maybe Liimanarina if they had been locked in a dingy backroom midlands pub for two years. 
"About as unfiltered as guitar-based rock music can be at this point." - Noel Gardner, The Quietus


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