Rammel #113 - Wino Lodge (Karen Constance & Dylan Nyoukis) / Yaki Da! & LDSN / Food People

Wino Lodge (Karen Constance & Dylan Nyoukis)
Yaki Da! & LDSN
Food People
10/12/2022 @ Beam/Primary, NG7 1NU

Wino Lodge
The artists formerly known as Blood Stereo and folks behind the Chocolate Monk label return with their failing formula of tapes, electronics, field records and objects.

LDSN / Yakki Da! 
Are long time friends who use voice, loops, field recordings, bells, drums & harmoniums collaboratively, intuitively and unhurriedly. Most recently spotted mesmerising an enchanted audience at Supernormal Festival; they'll spirit you away somewhere unfamiliar yet heartening if you let them. 

Food People
Lila Matsumoto, Greg Thomas, and Matthew Hamblin are Food People. They have been making sounds together since 2018 but have been friends for much longer. Their music is comprised of ramshackle jams, household sounds, tape work and voice, and has been released on Chocolate Monk, Soundholes, Beartown, Stairwell Editions, Cosmovision Registros Andinos. They have a forthcoming LP out on Feeding Tube.


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