Rammel #114 - Tongue Depressor / L / Vicky Sparrow


Rammel Club #114
Tongue Depressor
Vicky Sparrow
Tuesday 24th Jan 
Beam/Primary, NG7 1NU
from 7pm

Tongue Depressor write, perform and improve fragmentary reworkings of American church music. Fresh off their amazing LP ‘Burnish’ for Kali Malone’s XKathedral label imprint, they will be touring their first double lp, released by U.K. label Worried Songs

L is the audial rendering of Glasgow based artist Jack Paton. FFO: disassociated hell purge non-music/being a ball.

Vicky Sparrow is a poet and performer who lives between London and Nottingham. She has pamphlets out with Zarf and RunAmok and is published in Ludd Gang, Front Horse, datableed, Writing Utopia and elsewhere. 


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