Rammel #115 - Bromp Treb / Wild Rani / Payta


Rammel Club #115

Bromp Treb
Wild Rani
Fri 3rd Feb
JT Soar
£8adv/£10door (if you are short, just let us know and we'll sort you out)
Doors 7.30pm / Music 8.00pm

Bromp Treb is the solo noise/music performance and recording project of Los Angeles-based artist Neil Young aka Neil ‘Cloaca’ Young. Since 2002 Bromp Treb has put many recordings in circulation and has performed at fancy-pants places like ICA Boston and the High Zero Festival as well as countless basements, bars, lofts, living rooms, closets and art spaces all around North America and Europe. Bromp Treb is onomatopoeia, the sputterings of refined dysfunction and eager uncertainty. An improvised maze of crooked rhythms and tangled textures made with voice, synthesis, percussion and body, maybe a little physical comedy. You may have seen Neil last in Nottingham playing drums in Fat Worm of Error, which feels like a million years ago. 

Wild Rani is the solo project of Rebecca Mahay, Leeds-based performer, previously of Birmingham, UK and Detroit, USA. She is also half of MIRROR II RORRIM with Heath Moerland. 

Payta uses analogue hardware to weave hypnotic melodies with pulsating heavy drums to create rousing yet emotionally ambiguous soundscapeses. Psychedelic in the true sense of the word.