Rammel Club #119 - Új Bála / Sophie Sleigh-Johnson / Brood Ma


Rammel Club #119
Új Bála 
Sophie Sleigh-Johnson 
Brood Ma
The Chameleon, NG1 6HL 
***Late Start 10.30PM***

Új Bála
Gábor Kovács is a Budapest/Brussels-based musician and visual artist, also an alumni artist of the Shape platform. Active in a number of projects, he works with a wide range of genres and sounds, although his main output is Új Bála. Új Bála merges noise, psychedelia and fringes of techno and summons the rhythmic skeletons of dance music to bring order to his backdrop of mangled synth noises. 

Sophie Sleigh-Johnson 
Sophie Sleigh-Johnson is a Southend-on-Sea based writer, artist and performer.
Her ongoing investigations concern the magico-materialist temporality of place and the esoteric ground rock of comedy, in work distributed across text, cassette, sonic environments, lino prints and local newspapers.
Her latest release is the cassette album Nuncio Ref! released by Crow Versus Crow.

Brood Ma
Brood Ma will be performing Dadda which is a real-time audio-visual experience, designed to be performed live by the artist (or others) as an experimental dynamic score, programmed within the videogame engine UE5. Dadda disrupts the normal function of technologies like UE5 by repurposing them to create unpredictable sonic outcomes that are more in tune with traditions of experimental noise music than with mainstream video-game programming.
James B Stringer is an artist, producer and developer. He co-founded the Quantum Natives label and collective and has released music on Tri-Angle, Hemlock and Mantile under his Brood Ma alias. He was Creative Director and co-founder of digital studio Werkflow and has pioneered the use of real-time video game technologies for artists such as Actress (Young Paint), Sidsel Meineche Hansen,  Kuedo & Rabbit (Unsound 2015), Libby Heaney and many more.


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