Léonore Boulanger
Léonore Boulanger studied drama, experimental jazz improvisation and Persian music in Paris. Her music reflects her wide interest in African folk and in composers such as George Crumb, Teiji Ito, Harry Partch and Meredith Monk.
If Jeanne Moreau somehow got a record produced by Pierre Henry you might have ended up with something similar to this form of fractured french "pop" music. A more contemporary reference point could be someone like Èlg.
"As with an artist like Brigitte Fontaine, it begs the question of how far chanson can go while still being considered as such; perhaps it remains so only in the fact that chanson was the point of departure." The Quietus

Howie Reeve
Howie Reeve is an acoustic avant-­pop solo bass artist from Glasgow. His work with other well known faces in Glasgow‘s avant­folk, post ­punk and free jazz scenes has made Reeve a linchpin of the city’s underground music scene. Having spent time in a number of acts like Shlebie and Tattie Toes, Howie decided to go it alone a couple of years back and has already toured throughout Europe and Japan and released two solo albums as well as a now sold out 7” with Minutemen bassist Mike Watt. Reeve's spin on folk music could be compared to someone like Richard Dawson, but Reeve's sound appears more steeped in post punk.

Benedict Taylor & Stephen Crowe
Free improv duo made up of Benedict Taylor (viola) and Stephen Crowe (electric guitar). Benedict Taylor is a solo violist & film composer. As an improviser, he has worked with Evan Parker, Terry Day, Keith Tippett, Wadada Leo Smith, Alex Ward, Steve Beresford, Tom Jackson and Phil Minton. He has had residencies at Café Oto and is the founder of CRAM, a music collective and independent label. Stephen Crowe is a composer of operas and experimental music. Performances of his work have been at Tate Britain, The National Portrait Gallery, Queen Elizabeth Hall and The Vortex. He also sings in 'StreisBAND', a hardcore Barbra Streisand covers duo. Both gentlemen have embarrassingly set up their own Wikipedia pages in an attempt to appear more legitimate than they might be.

Sat 26th October @ JT Soar
£5 adv / £7 otd